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December 8, 2019  

#6 - Kevin Ackad: Angels, Energy Healing, and Intuition

December 8, 2019

Kevin Ackad is a Certified Massage Therapist and founder of Inner Shift Healing (https://www.InnerShiftHealing.com/), a place where he incorporates his talents and training as a Reiki Master, Angel Communicator, and Breathwork Meditation facilitator in helping his clients shift and heal their energies. Kevin is enthusiastic about empowering the people he comes in contact with to develop their own strengths and abilities, and also believes each person has the potential to further awaken, and tap more deeply into their own natural intuitive talents. On his YouTube channel, he offers practical advice and shares real, inspiring, true stories of supernatural events from his life that will help people increase their faith and connection to the Divine.

This conversation was originally recorded on Saturday, September 14th in Woodland Hills, California. 

Inner Shift Healing: https://www.InnerShiftHealing.com/ 

Kevin Ackad's Inner Shift Healing YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZ1QkCh0npjfq1jvOUqN9A

Watch these videos to level-up! Check out the website for a full list of offerings and more information. If you're in or plan to visit Southern California, book a session with Kevin, today!

The featured musical tracks Jub Attack and Here In This Darkness were composed by Michael Radford. Hear more at https://soundcloud.com/mubba!

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